Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Any gambler who may have played on brick and mortar establishments would surely be able to spot the difference between those and online casinos, in terms of bonuses. There are simply numerous casino bonuses that can be enjoyed by players when playing online to the point where a wager may not even be aware of some of these promotions. These treats from a web-based waging establishment are something you should take advantage of to get more out of your time. Before you go into the online platform and spend some money on top online casino games, read more below about the different types of casino bonuses you could enjoy today.

Welcome Casino Bonuses

This is perhaps the most popular bonuses you'll see the moment you visit online casinos. These promotions require that establishments often use in order to reel in potential players. They often come in a match deposit form, which means that the casino would give you a promotion based on the amount of the deposit. For instance, you might receive a 100% match-up deposit on your first deposit. Welcome promotions could also be a combination of other promotions like free spins, free credits, and cashback. These days, online casinos make it possible to switch between your PC and mobile phone or tablet simply by using the same login details. The good news is that casino games are compatible with all the latest mobile phones and tablets, and you'll even be able to participate in casino promotions and competitions without any hassle. If you want to know more about playing on mobile, then we recommend visiting this mobile page on Sloto Cash where they provide information on anything you need to know about using your smartphone to start playing and winning.

No Deposit Bonuses

If there's any promotion out there that players tend to look out for, then that's definitely no deposit promo. Just as how it sounds, the no deposit bonus does not require a deposit. This means that it's entirely free, unlike match-up deposits. A free bonus could take the form of free credits, free bets or free spins on titles such as Rival casino slots games. They could either come automatically from the site as soon as you sign up or by looking for promo codes right here. Either way, check the rules for the no deposit bonus to know what requirements you need to clear out before you can withdraw the money.


Doesn't it hurt when you lose money when you bet? Establishments offer a cashback on your losses which could alleviate the pain of losing your budget for wagering. With this promotion, you could get a set percentage of your losses back, whether daily, weekly or even monthly. For instance, if you have a 25% cashback and you've lost $100, you would have $25 back to your account. This could come from the website itself or from codes.

High Roller or VIP Promotions

These are the promotions which are specifically for those which do not get tempted with the regular promotions. They are the ones who bet a huge sum of money in every round of their games and thus, they are offered by the establishment with a set of promos that will match their gameplay.

How To Claim Bonus Codes

Whether you're looking for a no deposit bonus, a match-deposit or even a cashback, you'll surely be able to find codes of them. More often than not, to claim them, you would just have to go to the site and sign-up with your casino code you've seen. There are also sites where you can use the code and get casino bonuses when making the first deposit, so make sure that you look into their terms and conditions. Each code has different waging requirements as well, which is why reading these wagering requirements along with the terms and conditions is crucial, to ensure you know what you're getting into. At the end of the day, these casino bonuses would be a huge help to your overall waging experience so make sure that you make the most out of them.